Evo has the wow factor. Beautiful circular design in gloss white with glass hobs, white desktop and stainless steel kick plate.
Modules available in two heights that can be arranged in your choice of configuration. For example:
– Evo One consists of one high module
– Evo Two consists of two high modules
– Evo Two L consists of one high and one low module
– Evo Three consists of two high module and one low module

  • Size: 1872mm W x 950mm D x 1150mm H
  • 3215mm W x 950mm D x 1150mm H
  • 3243mm W x 950mm D x 1150mm H
  • 3709mm W x 950mm D x 1150mm H
  • Colour: Counter Body- Super High Gloss white 2 pack finish with stainless steel kick plate
  • Desk Top-Gloss white desk top 2 Pack finish
  • Hob Top-Frosted Glass 1x piece per each counter section
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