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The Benefits of Stand Up Desks

With the growing popularity of stand up desks in the workplace in recent years, there have been many claims about their associated benefits. Taken at face value, standing desks claim to solve all manner of workplace problems including back issues, weight gain, mental health and productivity. One research study even goes so far as to [...]


In terms of cleaning frequency, most manufacturers recommend professional furniture cleaning every 12 to 24 months. However this will vary according to factors such as the amount and type of furniture, whether food or other substances are used in the area, the color of the upholstery (lighter-colored fabrics are more susceptible to showing dirt [...]

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How to setup desk/workstation

How to setup desk/workstation Prolonged work at a computer can lead to discomfort and longer term issues, so your posture and positioning is important. To minimise problems, try to incorporate the following 4 easy, ergonomic steps into your work environment. Chair Setup Your chair is your ergonomic “best friend” – it supports your [...]

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