It’s not hard to calculate how many people can fit at different sized meeting tables.

First work out the perimeter of the table. As a general rule of thumb, each person should have a minimum of 600mm space. This gives them enough arm and leg room and to allow ease of access sit at and leave the table. Where you have larger chairs such as in an executive boardroom setting, it is best to increase this space to 800mm per person.

If you take a meeting table 3000mm wide by 1200mm deep, the perimeter is 8400mm, so depending on the purpose of the table we could then potentially seat up to 14 people. 3000mm x 1200mm however is more commonly an executive boardroom size table, so between 10 or 12 seats is a more comfortable fit. Another example using a round table of 1500mm diameter, which has a perimeter of approximately 4710mm, would seat a maximum of 7 people. Choosing a best Office Furniture in Sydney like compact chair to maximises each person’s space, and informal meeting tables can also seat a few more people as they often do not need desk space to work on.

To save you the time in getting out the calculator, we have provided a guide below with some typical meeting table sizes:

– 3600 wide x 1200 deep 12-14 people

– 3000 wide x 1200 deep 10-12 people

– 2400 wide x 1200 deep 8-10 people

– 2100 wide x 1200 deep 6-8 people