When we look at the amazing amount of materials we can choose to build our furniture and appliances from nowadays, we hardly see any as beautiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly as wood and wood sydney office furniture.

Plastics and metals have a massive carbon footprint in both construction and demolishment. Their base materials are also mined and sourced from the depleting unrenewable resources of our planet, which only continues to add to unanswerable environmental sustainability questions.

Wood Furniture

Wood, however, is both a carbon-sink by the fact that wood stores carbon in its body as long as it’s not burnt, has a quicker production process, and is theoretically a completely renewable resource. Wood can also be as strong as you wish to make it, by new techniques called Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) and Mass Timber, making it as strong as steel if you wish (even though that’s a tad excessive for furniture).

In a world of depleting resources teetering on the verge because of our unsustainable practices in our past, using wood is a great choice to take that first step for sustaining our future.  Australia benefits from one of the best forestry management systems in the world, making it even better to hit two birds with one stone – support Australian business while still keeping our environment safe.

Zebra Stool - Timber Leg - Wood Furniture

It’s only a bonus that wood can be reused for office fit out furniture projects – repurposing wood is easy to implement, and older wood has a rustic sort of aged beauty that many newer woods don’t have, contributing an appealing homey aesthetic that stands on its own. Our popular requests are for custom reception desks, break-out countertops and we do custom boardroom tables – a real conversational piece.

The organic and natural aesthetic movement has been growing uncontrollably in the last decade, and only pitching into this with a few well-placed pieces of wood furniture can help your office look friendly, updated and modern. Furthermore, utilising wood is great for psychological health and wellbeing.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Humans have an intrinsic desire to connect with nature that has been cut off by our work culture – near 50% of workers aren’t exposed to any natural lighting when they work, concerning because most workers spend the majority of their time indoors.

Just seeing a few plants can help your workers boost their productivity – but that’s not all. A recent report found that wood can also boost productivity, and weaving wood into your office subtly – like using wooden furniture, can drive the psychological wellbeing of your workers, affecting your office’s bottom-line.

Not only does productivity levels rise, workers who had wood furniture in their offices – reported higher levels of satisfaction in their work, having a modern office furnitures in Sydney are more positive associations with their workplaces (important when you want to retain new talent), higher levels of wellbeing, concentration, and mood.

Happier workers bled over to reduce work-stress and increase confidence in employees. The positive benefits don’t stop there – increasing confidence increases clarity and optimism in work as well, which leads to fewer people pulling sickies.

Do it for your staff!

Any business wants their employees to flourish and become the best that they can be – and removing the traditional concept of a closed-off office flooded with artificial light and plastic cubicles to incorporate wood in your office is a big step forward to supporting your employees and your success as a business.

As a bonus, wood is a great material to absorb sound and is an easy acoustic solution in furniture dealing with reverb and echo.  Additionally wood both insulates and controls moisture. Utilising more wood in your office furniture can help insulate your building from excess heat and cold, and maintain moisture levels, as wood naturally stores and releases moisture.

If you’re interested in incorporating wood in your office easy, why not contact us SB Office Furniture, a reliable commercial office furniture supplier in Sydney at 1300 578 843 to see what furniture will work best for you?