Chrysalis Pods Designed by NatureCan Office Pods be the answer? Offices have increasingly been designed as open-plan to meet the millennial demand, however, this has made finding a quiet spot to make a phone call, or meet a deadline increasingly harder to find, as noise becomes an issue. Privacy becomes harder to find in open-plan offices, which are designed to facilitate collaboration and encourage teamwork.

This is why more and more workplaces have installed office pods in their offices – human working cocoons or cones’ of silent.

Cone Of Silence – Get SmartOffice Pods are small cocoon like-cabins or semi-private booths that are located within the office to provide workers with a place to meet in small groups or find some space to get away from the office clamour for a spell if they wish to concentrate or do some quiet work.

Many smart designer office furniture sydney intersperse their open-plan office designs with office pods across floors and office spaces that suit business needs. Some office pods are standard, with glass walls and comfortable seating within, but pods can go as kooky as refurbished cable-cars, rollable furbished wooden boxes treehouses – whatever fits your company image and environment.

Why Office Pods? Their convenience and use 

Flexibility, mobility, and simplicity – these three factors play a large decision as to why office pods have become increasingly popular, as companies can easily order ready-made structures with furnishings, power, lighting that are quickly installed anywhere within the office. They reduce the need to undertake disruptive building works while still keeping an option for workers to work flexibly, comfortably, and privately.

Being affordable and convenient while reducing the need to plan a wholesale design, fit-outs and building works are attractive to more than one employer, making office pods increasingly mainstream in office design and works.  Also, flexibility in the workplace has become an increasing topic of interest for companies looking at workplace designs that attract and retain talent. Pods allow these businesses to experiment with their existing set-up, setting them up as both workspaces and space-dividers to maximise your office space with more locations to work in line with their habits and preferences.

With their mobile nature, many pods can be taken along with companies as they change buildings, and in the redesign, they’re simple to shuffle alongside your new workplace design, saving budget and time. Additionally, pods aren’t only limited to becoming space dividers and private working spaces. They can also be padded on the outside sound-absorbing insulation, helping absorb noise from around the office and lower overall acoustic noise across your whole office space. This can help prevent sound and privacy concerns in more open workspaces that might have echo or reverb. Its sheer multi-functionality makes pods an attractive choice for office designers and business owners looking to maximise space and address multiple solutions.

Office Pods: not for all-day use

In many open-plan offices, personal space might be a very desirable resource for employees and these pods can be in high demand. Some employees may even be tempted to use pods as personal offices.


However, office pods are not designed to be used all day. In fact, they tend to lack built-in ventilation and are designed so that people are not tempted to stay there all day. That’s because many one-person pods are designed to be used for stretches of time of an hour or less. If ventilation is considered in pod design, that may only imply a few hours of use.

Features that are included in many pods to discourage workers from using them long-term is the use of narrow surfaces to prop laptops for meetings and conferences instead of desks, perches for leaning instead of sitting, and glass walls that reduce claustrophobia, but also let the office see who is inside and remind a worker to observe common courtesy. Sensors are also common for companies to monitor how these pods are being used.

In essence, office pods are a great solution for many businesses, SB Office Furniture Parramata innovates the workspace – creating liveable working spaces, inspiring productivity that wish to get the most out of their space and catering to the different personalities and needs of their employees while still keeping office plans open and communicable, striking that balance between a sense of community and privacy.